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I now pronounce you...a singer?

When I began my journey as an artist, I never thought I would be just a singer or just a writer.  I have enjoyed many facets of art.  In fact, I enjoy drawing, graphic design, and the art of sleeping!  Ha, ok - that's for a different blog entry.  Seriously, though - why do we limit ourselves from exploring the deeper outreaches of our talent?  I have had many days when I didn't want to sing, so I sat at my desk and wrote poetry.  I have also had days when all I wanted to do was draw.  

I don't believe in stifling art.  We get enough of that from society, so why are artists so different?  One thing that is for certain: you are a vulnerable vessel of uncertainty as an artist.  You can't quite put your finger on what makes an artist simply an artist.  You just know that creating is all you've ever wanted to do, and it needs to happen. Freedom to create for an artist is as important as oxygen to our lungs.  

I released my first single one month ago, and can remember feeling vulnerable because I was releasing this unheard, unseen creation in to the world.  If I've learned anything from art, it's that if I can accept it for what it could be, then the rest has already been taken care of in the grand scheme of things.  

As a child I always wrote stories and poetry.  My mother could never buy enough paper and pencils.  Everywhere I went I collected random pieces of paper and pens.  She must have thought I was a weird kid or perhaps she thought I was a multifaceted little genius.  When my favorite singer released a CD, of course I had to have my own copy (thanks, Mom!). I've never stopped appreciating my gift as an artist.  

Artists aren't just painters, writers, producers, sculptors, or even singers.  We cannot be tamed nor should anyone ever attempt the unthinkable.  The moment you embrace the abstract and bizarre qualities of an artist, you are may finally understand we aren't just artists.  


- Antonio Dudley

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